Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank recently moved to Frogmore Cottage, but their stay there wouldn’t be for free.

According to New Idea, the estimated cost of rent at Frogmore Cottage is $55,000. And Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank might have to pay this amount to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle so that they could continue staying there.

The publication also revealed that Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank could get kicked out from Frogmore Cottage at any given time.

After all, Queen Elizabeth just loaned the property to Prince Harry and Markle. And even though they paid the renovation costs after they quit The Firm, the queen still technically owns the property.

Following reports that Prince Harry and Markle offered Frogmore Cottage to Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank, it was also revealed that the queen wasn’t necessarily thrilled because she was kept out of the loop.

A palace insider said that Her Majesty feels disrespected by the couples’ decision not to inform her about their deal beforehand.

However, knowing that Prince Harry has done a lot of shocking decisions without the queen’s knowledge throughout the past year, it seems that this didn’t really shock the monarch any longer.

Meanwhile, the news that Prince Harry offered Frogmore Cottage to his cousin was a bit surprising amid reports that the two had a falling out two years ago.

In the book Battle of Brothers, it was revealed that Princess Eugenie felt that her wedding was overshadowed by Markle’s pregnancy.

After all, the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly, announced her pregnancy to the members of the royal family while she was at Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

And the news that she’s pregnant was made public after Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding. As such, the different publications talked more about Markle’s pregnancy than Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

In related news, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex overlooked Princess Beatrice for Frogmore Cottage.

While it is a common practice among members of the royal family to receive a house from the queen after their wedding, Princess Beatrice didn’t receive Nottingham Cottage from Her Majesty.

According to Express, there were speculations that this will be the home of Princess Beatrice because it’s close to Princess Eugenie, who used to live in Ivy Cottage.

However, since there are only two rooms in Nottingham Cottage, the property might be too small for Princess Beatrice’s growing family.

As for Prince Harry and Markle, they, reportedly, offered Frogmore Cottage to Princess Eugenie and not Princess Beatrice because the former is pregnant.