Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were heavily criticized by one tabloid after they were accused of being a social climber and a money machine.

In its Jan. 18 issue, Globe claimed that Prince Harry is trying to become an American citizen. However, giving up his British citizenship means that he would also have to give up his royal titles.

Throughout the past couple of weeks, there has been much talk about Prince Harry and Markle’s royal titles because their 12-month review is almost over.

There are claims that Prince Harry and Markle want to keep using their royal titles. But this is seen as a slap on the face of Queen Elizabeth and the royal family because they’ve already quit The Firm.

However, the tabloid also backtracked their allegations a bit halfway through their article when they said that there’s no law preventing Prince Harry and Markle from using their titles.

In fact, the couple can even decide to style Archie as a duke because he also has his own dukedom.

The rest of the tabloid’s article suggests that they have hatred towards the couple, especially Markle.

Gossip Cop then debunked the story a few days later to say that the tabloid has been attacking Prince Harry and Markle for years.

At one point, the same tabloid accused the Duchess of Sussex of faking her miscarriage and called it a publicity stunt.

The rumor-debunking site also spoke with a source close to Prince Harry and was told that the tabloid’s story isn’t true.

Prince Harry is not trying to become an American citizen to the point that he’s at risk of losing his royal titles.

A decision on whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could keep their titles depends entirely on the queen. So, it would be best for royal fans to just wait until March for her announcement.

Last year, the queen released a statement saying that Prince Harry and Markle can retain their royal titles. However, they are no longer allowed to use them.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain members of the Royal Family and remain named and titled, as such. As explained in the January announcement, from Spring they will formally retain their titles of 'His/Her Royal Highness' but no longer actively use their 'HRH's," a spokesperson for the Sussexes said at the time.