Kim Kardashian is, reportedly, mortified after speculations went rife that Jeffree Star and her husband Kanye West are an item. 

There was a time when the reality TV icon and the YouTube makeup guru used to be close pals. However, it seems the recent rumors have taken a toll on their relationship,

Star and Kim have not only been pals, but they are also known to be supporters and admirers of each other. They even had each other’s back when it was a question of supporting their brands were concerned. Kim even defended him when he was alleged for being racist around three years ago, according to Daily Mail

It is now believed that the KUWTK star feels humiliated by the speculation that the rapper is dating Star, according to The Sun. An insider, reportedly, told the outlet that the mom-of-four feels embarrassed by everything with Star. She is also mortified with the report of her divorce making headlines. 

Just three years ago, the YouTube sensation was seen attending the launch of her KKW Beauty in Los Angeles. They had posed together for pictures, and the star even took to his Instagram account to post a photo with Kim. 

Interestingly though, the makeup guru showed his support for the SKIMS owner when he had some major differences of opinions with her sister Kylie Jenner. Their feud had started after he slammed Kylie’s beauty range, according to The Mirror

When there were allegations of racism against the makeup artist, Kim Kardashian said that while making racial comments is a big offense, she believes that people can change. Also, she feels that when a person apologizes for a mistake, it is better to move on. 

Meanwhile, Jeffree Star mentioned on his YouTube channel last week that there was no truth about him dating West amid speculations that a divorce is imminent between the reality TV star and the rapper. 

The 35-year-old strongly denied that he has been sleeping with someone. He declared that he was single and there was no romantic relationship between him and the 43-year-old rapper. Star also pointed out that he is fond of very tall men, and everyone is aware that the rapper is not that tall. Many netizens have been holding Star responsible for the celeb couple’s collapse in marriage.

Jeffree Star also mentioned that he and Kim Kardashian’s husband have never been together. He finds the whole rumor absolutely hilarious. Rumors also went wild, perhaps because Star shifted to Wyoming and Kanye West is holed in his ranch in the same state.