Emma Stone recently stepped out in public with her huge baby bump.

Prior to the sighting in Los Angeles, several tabloids were already speculating on the possibility of Stones being pregnant.

But until today, The Amazing Spider-Man has never directly confirmed her pregnancy.

As such, Woman’s Day claimed that Stone’s fans are shocked to learn that she’s expecting baby number one with her husband, Dave McCary.

However, the tabloid didn’t quote any of Stone’s fans who they are saying are shocked to see the actress sporting her growing baby bump.

In September, photos of the actress’s ring confirmed that she and McCary have already tied the knot. The couple has been holed up together in Los Angeles during the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple got engaged in December 2019. They have been together for three years and they’ve managed to keep their relationship as low-key as possible.

Meanwhile, another source told Us Weekly that Stone is excited to become a mom.

During a previous interview, the Easy A star admitted that when she was younger, she didn’t want to get married and have kids. But this changed as she got older.

“She seems very happy and very excited about becoming a mother – she’s constantly cooing and oohing. She looks great, she looks healthy, she’s glowing. She’s been keeping up with friends and work lately; she is always staying active and gets her daily exercise in,” the source said.

In related news, Stone dated two men before ending up with her husband.

Years ago, the actress dated Kieran Culkin, the brother of Macaulay Culkin after meeting each other in 2009.

Two years later, the couple split after the actress hit superstardom.

A year later, Stone dated her The Amazing Spider-Man co-star, Andrew Garfield.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, Garfield revealed that he and Stone got along really well on set and in between takes.

The actor also said that Stone keeps him on his toes, and being with her just felt different in a good way.

Five years later, Stone told WSJ magazine that she understands the interest that their fans have in their relationship.

However, the actress said that it’s so special to her that she doesn’t want to keep talking about it.

Shortly after, reports revealed that Stone and Garfield have decided to take a break from their relationship.

And they never got back together after saying that the main issue they faced had to do with their busy schedules.