The start of a new year has not been so smooth for Kim Kardashian. Reports have it that the reality TV icon is all set to divorce her husband, Kanye West. A magazine has now claimed that she could be going around with the CNN commentator Van Jones. 

The divorce papers of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are yet to be signed. However, fans have already started speculations about who Kim could date next. 

The CNN news commentator met the owner of KKW Beauty in 2018 at the White House. The 40-year-old was then trying to seek a reprieve for Alice Johnson. 

Jones is known to mention in Watch What Happens Live a year ago that he thought Kim was brilliant. The news commentator opined she had the potential to become a good lawyer because of her persistence and persuasiveness.  

He also made it clear that he has been in regular touch with the SKIMS owner since then. Several Twitter users are hopeful that Kim and Jones would start dating as they have had a close association with each other on matters of prison reform. 

A magazine has now claimed that while the divorce between the rapper and the KUWTK star is imminent, the latter could have found a new guy in her life. The tabloid added that the reality TV star has been spending a lot of time with a former staffer of Barack Obama and CNN panelist Van Jones. 

It seems that West is irritated with the linkup rumors of Jones and his wife as he feels that she has betrayed him. The publication further adds that the couple’s divorce could be messy because of this. 

However, most of the content in this report is simply a repetition of what Page Six reported on Van Jones and Kim Kardashian's pairing rumor. The duo seems to be just good friends who are frequently in touch. 

A spokesperson of the reality TV star told Gossip Cop that the story was incorrect. They are simply good pals who feel passionately about prison reforms. They are not an item.

In other news, Kim is said to be upset over speculations of Jeffree Star dating her husband. Star used to be a close friend of the owner of KKW Beauty

The reality star and the YouTube guru were supportive of each other’s brands. Star even attended a launch for her products, and Kim came out in his defense after he was alleged to be racist a few years ago. It is now believed that she felt embarrassed about his linkup rumor with the rapper.