Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton are now married for more than four decades. Their marriage has been marked by a lot of dramas, and a tabloid now insists that they are recruiting attorneys to finalize a divorce. 

The power couple of the United States is more or less thought to have had a good marriage. However, a magazine feels that the way they were spotted in a picture casting their votes makes it pretty obvious to a body language expert that the couple has lost the connection a husband and a wife have. 

Perhaps, the final straw in their relationship has been the former President’s association with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, according to the report. It is interesting to note that Hillary is not someone who can tolerate a woman like Maxwell. So, the socialite's reported closeness with her husband irks her. 

Maxwell has been charged for abusing girls, and an author has even referred to her as “toxic.” The report claims that Bill and the British socialite get along pretty well, and that is the reason why the former President is close to Epstein. However, the Clintons have vehemently denied this particular claim. 

The report also contends that Hillary and Bill do not require one another anymore. Their daughter Chelsea Clinton is sympathetic with Hillary and wants her to take a stand against her father, according to a source. 

It was also reported that Chelsea has been requesting Hillary Clinton for many years now that her father, Bill Clinton, would not change. She is reportedly urging her mom to file for a divorce. 

The report added that Hillary is unsure about her marriage ever since her husband got entangled in the Monica Lewinsky controversy. She has stayed in the marriage, not because of love but to protect her brand, according to an insider. 

However, fans will remember that the Monica Lewinsky scandal took place around 25 years ago. The couple might have already confronted each other about it by now. 

So, why would they decide to part ways all of a sudden so many years later? Also, prosecutors have not made any direct allegations on Bill’s likely association with Maxwell or the tainted banker, according to Gossip Cop

Finally, there has been no confirmation from any official source about the famous couple’s intention to get divorced. If one checks the social media accounts of the Clintons, they have both posted some endearing messages about their successful marriage on their last anniversary.

Bill Clinton took to his Twitter handle and mentioned what a beautiful day Oct. 11 was 45 years ago, and it still is. He also mentioned that his bride was not only beautiful then but is lovely even today. He also declared his love for her in the post. 

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton wrote on her Instagram handle that there has never been a dull moment in their 45 years of marriage. She still regards Bill Clinton as her best friend and loves him a lot.