While a number of celebrities are starting 2021 by being in new relationships, it looks like 41-year-old actor Luke Evans is starting the new year with heartbreak as he admits to breaking up with his boyfriend of 18 months.

Out Magazine reports that the Welsh actor has confirmed in an interview that he is no longer seeing Rafael Olarra, who he had been seeing since 2019. He and Olarra first made their relationship on Instagram official in February 2020.

In the interview quoted by the publication, Evans replied, “it is what it is,” to a question about his relationship status. The separation seems to be final this time around, as Evans and Olarra had earlier fueled rumors of a break up after unfollowing each other on Instagram in October last year.

The Daily Mail elaborates on the earlier break-up, noting that aside from unfollowing each other on Instagram, Evans also deleted pictures of Olarra from his account. However, the two followed each other again after a few days, leading people to think they had reconciled.

The pair had been based in Australia when Evans was filming the Nine Perfect Strangers limited series. Before basing themselves in Australia, the couple had been traveling in England and Spain. The couple also made an appearance on the red carpet premiere of Frozen 2.

Before Olarra, Evans was involved with actor Victor Turpin. However, Evans and Turpin split up more than a year ago.

Evans and Olarra’s separation, at least, looks like it was amicable. The high profile divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, on the other hand, could become contentious once discussions on settlements are started.

Reports say that Kardashian wants the divorce to be amicable and have her and West end their marriage on good terms. The desire for a peaceful divorce is driven by Kardashian’s wish to have West still involved in the parenting of their four children.

As part of her moves to ensure a peaceful separation, Kardashian’s camp has reportedly engaged West’s in settlement talks before even filing the divorce papers. However, these talks could become contentious because of the huge fortune the couple has amassed during their marriage.

While a prenuptial agreement will probably protect the $2 billion fortune, Kardashian and West have accumulated between them. There are still assets that have to be split between the couple. A report pegs their shared assets to be valued at around $70 million.