Comedian Kevin Hart is further expanding his reach with yet another deal. The comedian recently finalized a first-look deal with streaming giant Netflix and his own production company HartBeat Productions.

Variety reports that the deal will start with HartBeat producing four films that Hart will star in. All four films will be seen exclusively on Netflix.

In a statement, Hart praised the partnership and described it as an “amazing opportunity.” Aside from expressing gratitude to Netflix executives Ted Sarandos and Scott Stuber, Hart also said that Sarandos and Stuber share his creative vision and regard for the audience.

Hart also showed some love to his HartBeat team, emphasizing their skill at developing “stories and relationships.” He also expressed his desire to have HartBeat be a venue for “first-class entertainment and narratives.”

Deadline adds that Netflix has also expressed its excitement over the new partnership, especially since the streaming giant has already worked with the comedian before on the comedy special Zero F*cks Given and the docuseries Kevin Hart: Don’t F*ck This Up.

Stuber, Netflix’s film head, said Hart is the kind of artist that can draw an all-age audience. He also praised Hart’s success in different genres such as comedy, dramas, and family films. Stuber also expressed his excitement at Hart’s work being present on the streaming service for years to come.

The sentiment was echoed by Bryan Smiley, who is the president of HartBeat. He assured Netflix that he and Hart will produce “best in class” films for the streaming service and that they are looking forward to millions of people watching their films on Netflix.

This is not the only first-look deal that Hart has successfully inked. Last year, the comedian landed a deal with Sirius XM that sees his Laugh Out Loud comedy network producing radio shows, podcasts, and on-demand video.

The deal will see new live and regular programs appearing on the Laugh Out Loud channel. Hart also said that it gives him more creative control, which the comedian says will allow him to have more raw, real, and authentic conversations.

More live editions of Hart’s bi-weekly program with his Plastic Cup Boyz friends are also part of the deal, with Hart promising audiences that the group will be taking on topics that other people will not touch.

Aside from the first-look deal with Hart, Netflix is also strengthening its catalog with the announcement of seven new originals involving famous names like Andy Serkis, Rowan Atkinson, and Sam Mendes.