BTS Jungkook flexes his whopping wealth and luxurious life as the K-pop idol bought a new house in the well-off area of Itaewon. That said, speculations about the Euphoria singer made their way to social media, with some saying Jungkook is now ready to settle down.

BTS Jungkook’s new purchase

For the time being, Jungkook is living the life he got for all of his sleepless nights, hard work, injuries, and all that such comes in being an idol. However, in return, Jungkook lives the life he always wanted for himself and his family, as apparent in his new purchase.

Korea Boo reported that the 23-year-old Grammy-nominated artist shows off his well-deserved luxury by purchasing a new single-family house.

Etoday first made Jungkook a headline for buying a detached house, of which the news site revealed that the singer purchased it in November. Jungkook paid ₩7.63 billion ($7,050,940).

The single-family house has 230.72 square meters, with two floors on it that stand in the 637 square-meter portions of the total perimeter. The house was built in 1976 and is currently being rented by a foreign company, per Allkpop.

Jungkook settling down in a new home?

With multiple rumors about the Your Eyes Tell singer settling down, it is unclear whether Jungkook’s base plan. The BTS member previously sold his luxury Trimage complex a month before purchasing the new house in Itaewon.

Jungkook might have played the game so well with his decision to sell the house, considering he has not lived in that apartment even once. In return, he bought a new flat that best fits his schedule and interest in life.

Since BTS debuted a few years back, the seven members did not publicize, if any, their romantic relationships. However, fans remark that if Jungkook bought the said house for his upcoming family, it is perfect as one can imagine.

Many national embassies are resting in Itaewon, with Jungkook’s new house only a five-minute drive to Nine One Hannam, best known as the BTS dorm. However, his new home is smaller compared to Nine One Hannam.

The area also is home to foreign diplomats, and if one watched Itaewon Class on Netflix, it was shown how prosperous Itaewon is compared to the other cities in South Korea.

Furthermore, the new house of Jungkook is in the heart of the affluent area of Itaewon, which happens to be the home of celebrities like Rain and Kim Tae Hee. Other stars who also purchased houses in the area are Hwang jun Eum and Park Myung Soo.