BTS V has a soft soul, indeed, when he opened up about his life struggles in a recent interview. The K-pop idol revealed that the song from BEBlue & Grey, helped him overcome his life crisis.

BTS V in writing Blue & Grey in a sad angle

In a recent interview graced by the South Korean idol, Kim Taehyung, best known as V from BTS, thoroughly explained Blue & Grey's emotional impact on him. That said, V shares the writing process of the song and the meaning behind its mesmerizing lyrics.

The interviewer asked V's sentiments and why Blue & Grey is more of a sad song, considering the album that enlisted the track is an inspiration for fans amid the COVID-19 chaos. As per Korea Boo, the interviewer also highlighted that the song is supposed to be under his upcoming mixtape.

Instantly, V answered and admitted that Blue & Grey is the track he wrote during his difficult times. The hard times V termed is the time he battled with himself whether he would continue with his career.

The Snow Flower further shared that he experienced difficulty enjoying his job, and he felt like he was treading a meaningless path. "It felt like I was in a tunnel, and I couldn't see the exit," he said.

And before ending his answer for the particular question, V added, "I think it's correct to say that I couldn't see the path that I was supposed to be on."

The hectic schedule made BTS V grow weary

Furthermore, V opened up to the interviewer about how he enjoys working hard as he is the type of person that likes to work when he is happy. However, despite his goal to make his fans happy with what he does, he got caught up with a demanding and hectic schedule.

V is a laid-back person, and having many things to do in a short time broke him. Nevertheless, he meditated and reminded himself of his work as a singer, and he solely chose to be it because he wants to be happy.

Since that time, V started writing Blue & Grey, giving him a platform to let his feelings go and be expressed. Per the idol, writing the song is one of his ways that he overcame his problems.

Meanwhile, V celebrated his 26th birthday, and witnessing his birthday speech and wishes endeared the fans. V went on live streaming and gathered a whopping more than 10 million viewers in real-time figures.