A South Korean music critic and a card-carrying member of the Selection Committee for Korean Music Awards was captivated by BTS Jimin, the lead vocalist of the K-pop all-boy group BTS. That said, Jimin is being compared to the late Michael Jackson, a legendary pop icon.

Kim Youngdae’s thoughts about BTS Jimin

The music critic is one of the avid critics of the Grammy-nominated band. In his latest column entry, Kim Youngdae wrote out his analysis to all seven lads of BTS. He stated that the Filter’s voice is not that difficult to look upon in the passing of numerous voices, as reported by Allkpop.

He added, “When BTS is regarded as a sound, Jimin’s voice is one of the most important auditory elements that make up the fingerprint and impression of the sound.”

Furthermore, Kim Youngdae noted that Jimin hits high notes with no sweat, giving his listeners a feeling of excitement that is strong enough to conquer and break any thick division.

BTS Jimin’s charms are the idol’s x-factor

More on Kim Youndae’s column, he remarked Jimin’s charms as impressive as it disarms the minds of his listeners and leads them into his subtle parts. The vocal skills of Jimin make any song’s taste to be maximized, tagging along in an out of this world vibe and aura.

Furthermore, the solo song of Jimin titled Serendipity was highlighted by Kim Youngdae in his analysis of the idol. The track’s lyricism emphasizes the essence of the music and Jimin’s performance, leaving the viewers watching be in utter speechless.

Another song Kim Youngdae mentioned is the band’s Magic Shop, where one can feel the sincerity and power of Jimin’s vocals when he sang “a magic shop that will comfort you.”

King of K-pop x King of Pop

Adding spice to his column, the music critic made the ARMYs gush when he wrote Jimin reminds him of the late Michael Jackson. To everyone’s knowledge, if not all, Jimin is the current holder of the King of K-pop title while Michael is the King of Pop, proving Jimin’s massive fame.

Kim Youngdae said the dance moves and singing skills of Jimin resemble that of Michael’s, both exuding unique charms on stage.

While dancing, Jimin can be as challenging a monster on the dance floor and also be the person with the softest heart and vulnerability. The exquisite proportions of Jimin dances cannot be filtered by anyone, as his graceful movements are unlike any other.

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