Renowned music critic Kim Youngdae analyzed all BTS members, with V on the point being BTS's most important piece when it comes to the band's musical identity.

BTS V is a vital factor

Kim Taehyung, who recently celebrated his 26th birthday on Dec. 30, is the all-South Korean band BTS's primary visual leader. In that way, a music critic hailing from the same country described his vocals as the most soulful among his generation of artists.

Furthermore, via Weeklymunhak, South Korean music critic and a member of the Selection Committee for Korean Music Awards, Kim Youngdae, dedicated a column for the septet.

That said, Kim Youngdae talked about how the Grammy-nominated band holds seven gems in their hands, making its band a world-renowned jewel. Representing the K-pop genre, BTS rose to fame with its impressive music pieces, of which nothing would be created without V's significant participation.

The unique vocal tone of the Snow Flower singer has always been a fan favorite and highlights every song from the band.

BTS V's contribution to the discography of BTS

"His gifted vocal color and tone in itself have an important place in BTS's musical identity," Kim Youngdae wrote in his column under V. The review of the critic added comments towards V by saying V's voice is exceptional, despite one of the BTS's charm is not being known for one solo voice.

When Kim Youngdae wrote about uniqueness, he noted that V's voice's soulfulness is hard to find and hard to be duplicated and copied.

"His voice resonates deeply without sounding over-the-top and still has a crisp freshness with plenty of texture. More than anything else, V's unique soulfulness is difficult for others to replicate," he added.

The songs that best embodies V's unique voice

Through the years, BTS V established himself as the band's powerful vocalist and essential piece to make BTS, BTS.

In Epilogue: Young Forever, V's identified himself and his voice in the songs Save Me, marking one of the most prominent tracks of the band. In DNA, V's thick and deep tone of voice added an x-factor to the song, making the music narrative sang by BTS a worthy-listen.

On the other hand, V, Winter Bear, and Scenery's solo records charm the listeners with his vocals, timbre, and resonant sound of voice. However, on top of that, V's emotions and feelings while singing the songs reveal how good an artist is.