It looks like the relationship between DC Studios and Justice League actor Ray Fisher is broken beyond repair. The 33-year-old actor who played Cyborg in the film has declared that he will not be working on any DC Films as long as its current president stays in power.

Variety reports that the actor tweeted his decision to his more than 70,000 followers. In a series of tweets, Fisher called DC Films president Walter Hamada a dangerous “enabler” and accused him of undermining the investigation conducted by Warner Bros. regarding his accusations of abuse against director Joss Whedon.

The publication also points out that Fisher included a link to a New York Times story about how the expanded Justice League version to be shown on streaming service HBO Max is not connected to the greater DC Films universe and that its director Zack Snyder is not involved in the studio’s upcoming superhero projects.

The AV Club notes that it had earlier looked like DC Films was doing its best to smooth over any differences with Fisher. Fisher was supposedly going to be part of the Ezra Miller-led Flash movie and was set to return for the Snyder cut of Justice League.

Fisher also brought up a “hit piece” against him that was published on Sept. 4, which the AV Club says is a statement put out by Warner Bros. that questioned Fisher’s allegations against Whedon and made it look like Fisher was simply unhappy with his screen time.

The animosity between Fisher, DC Films, and Warner Bros. has been going on for most of the year, starting in July when Fisher accused Justice League director Joss Whedon of gross, abusive, and unprofessional behavior on the film’s set.

Because of Fisher’s allegations, Warner Bros. started an independent, third-party investigation that would look not just into Whedon’s behavior, but also into those of former Warner Bros. co-president of production Jon Berg, and former DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns, whom Fisher says abused their power.

However, the investigation did little to fix the rift between the two parties, as Warner Bros. accused Fisher of being uncooperative. Fisher pushed back against the statement, calling it an attempt to discredit him.

During this period, Fisher began to include Hamada in his allegations, describing him as an enabler that threw Whedon and Berg under the bus to protect Johns.

In response, Warner Bros. said that Hamada was not involved during the filming of Justice League and that he had not made any conclusions about the ongoing investigation at the time.