Evermore, the second surprise album from Taylor Swift is a big revelation in many ways. It also revealed what an important role Swift’s grandmother played in impacting her music career.

Her latest album Evermore delighted her fans and critics alike. It also divulged her growth and rise as a songwriter. She exhibited the emotions of a nostalgic and experienced narrator and sings beautifully of subjects like sorrows and love. 

Majorie is the thirteenth track of this smash-hit studio album. A music critic called Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone referred to it as a “heart-shredding masterpiece.” For the universe, the song is a tribute to Majorie Finlay, the songstress’s grandmother.

Incidentally, the song also happens to be the album’s 13th track. Fans are aware that 13 is the favorite number for Swift and so it could be a conscious choice. Also, Taylor was just 13-year-old when her grandmother passed away. 

The Love Story hitmaker took to her Twitter handle to make an important announcement about her latest album a day before its release. The Grammy Award-winning singer revealed the background of her latest numbers. 

She also mentioned that one of the tracks was about Majorie, her grandmom, who still visits her sometimes, though only in her dreams now. Finlay happened to be the maternal grandmother of Swift and was born in Tennessee in 1928. 

However, her maternal grandmother grew up in Missouri and passed with a bachelor’s degree in music from Lindenwood University. 

Finlay was incredibly talented and even emerged as a winner of a talent contest on a show on the ABC network called Music with the Girls. She was not only associated with this show for 15 long months but also pursued her studies in music in places such as New York and Massachusetts. 

Finlay was 74-year-old when she passed away in 2003. While almost 20 years have passed since she died, her granddaughter Taylor Swift decided to pay her a tribute through one of her songs now. 

The song gives clarity about Finlay’s personality. It describes her as a woman who always behaved correctly but was also powerful and intelligent. There is little doubt after hearing the song that the late musician left a deep impact on her world-famous granddaughter. 

Swift opened up about how the experience had been while penning down the interview while speaking to Zane Lowe. The songstress said that it was a “surreal” experience for her. She would often breakdown and become emotional while writing its lyrics. 

Taylor Swift also explained that she regretted being so young when Majorie Finlay passed away. She did not have the wisdom then to appreciate her grandmother fully, according to Gossip Cop