George Cloney and Rande Gerber could be the best of pals. However, that does not mean that their wives are equally friendly as them. There have been rumors about Amal Clooney and Cindy Crawford being at loggerheads for some time now. Here’s the complete story!

Rumors and gossips often surround celebrities, and Cindy Crawford is not an exception. Reports have it that the former supermodel has been, reportedly, feuding with  Amal. However, is it a plain rumor, or is there truth in the news?

A report was published at the beginning of this year, which claimed that while Rande and George are known for their bromance, the same is not true for their respective wives. It seems that Cindy and Amal have nothing in common between them to develop a bond. 

While it seems Amal finds the other woman highly materialistic, Cindy is tired of being lectured by the lawyer, according to the report. The report also alleged that Amal had left no stones unturned, convincing her husband not to spend time with the other couple. Moreover, they were referred to as two stubborn women who did not listen to their respective spouses. 

Another report claimed that the duo could not even stand each other nearby. As they have been feuding, they did not let even their husbands meet up alone. 

It is bizarre since there were contradictory reports in the past, which contended that Cindy Crawford and Amal Clooney shared a close friendship. A story published was more vocal about their friendship while speculating that the Clooneys were on the verge of a divorce. 

The tabloid contended that the two ladies had a “girl night” together. It was even claimed that Amal spilled the beans and discussed how her marriage to George Clooney was about to end soon. 

Some magazines cannot make up their mind about whether to talk about their friendship or feud. Perhaps, all these magazines have forgotten how Cindy had publicly shared her respect for Amal. She also mentioned that they had so much to talk about whenever they meet up, according to People Magazine. 

Amal Clooney and her model friend Cindy Crawford were seen together earlier this year, reportedly, celebrating George Clooney’s birthday at Crawford. They were also seen together with other friends at Rande Gerber’s Malibu home, according to InStyle

While the supermodel has a close bond with many fascinating people in the world, her friendship with the lawyer has always generated interest amid the mass and the media. There is no sign of the women at loggerheads, and they are still good friends, according to Gossip Cop