It has been a fairy tale ending for George Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney. However, reports had it that they had a low-profile courtship period. Was the couple cautious because of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reaction?

The Batman & Robin star had said in an interview last November that his wife transformed his life. He also mentioned how grateful he was after he became a father to their twins. 

Reports have it that George and Johnson had a conflict of opinion related to their respective stands on Elgin Marbles. These marbles were originally discovered in Athens, Greece. However, they are now placed in the British Museum.

It is said that a nobleman brought them from Greece in the 1800s under dubious circumstances. When George was asked whether Greece should get back the Elgin Marbles or not, the Ocean’s Eleven star’s response was affirmative. He thought that the act of taking away those marbles was similar to looting. 

The incident took place in 2014 when the superstar actor was promoting his film titled The Monuments Men, which dealt with a similar subject. A gang of men tried to prevent the German Nazi forces from destroying or looting the works of art during the Second World War in the film.

Johnson was then the mayor of London and did not like George’s comments. He felt that the actor was supporting a similar agenda that Hitler nurtured for the cultural treasures of London, according to The Guardian

It was obvious from George Clooney’s response that he did not appreciate the then mayor’s comments as he was compared to the German dictator. The Hollywood A-lister also revealed that he and Amal Clooney were dating on the sly around the same time.

There was a massive outcry over the actor’s comments, and he was meeting his future wife the same night for dinner. Incidentally, Amal Alamuddin, as she was known then, was in the team of lawyers that represented the Greek side so that the artifacts could be returned to their homeland. 

The couple had a lot to discuss that night, and theirs was a combined passion for fighting for international justice. Their united passion has since been a strong foundation for their happy marriage. 

George could not resist responding to Boris Johnson with a cheeky answer. He said he would send a thank you note, as well as a comb to the mayor, according to Gossip Cop. Obviously, while Johnson had a difference of opinion, Amal and George strongly agreed on the issue of the Greek artifacts. 

In other news, the 59-year-old actor revealed in a recent interview how he was coping up at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The star jested that he spends his time mostly drinking, according to People Magazine

George Clooney and Amal Clooney share their three and half year twins Alexander and Ela.