Dakota Johnson has been one of Hollywood’s favorite stars. As the daughter of very famous parents, the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress was bound to for the same train as well.

She has also become one of Hollywood’s most sought after actress, but despite all the fame and popularity, she continuous to live her life as private as possible.

In a recent sighting, the actress was seen donning a very big emerald ring on her ring finger, which has raised questions of whether she got engaged in the past week.

Johnson has been dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin in the past three years, and although the couple has been low key about their relationship, sources close to the couple share that the two’s relationship is getting stronger.

In the past months, there have been very rare sightings of the two due to the lockdown rules, but many are claiming that both Martin and Johnson have only gotten more serious, and it is no question that they are now engaged.

Furthermore, the actress eye-catching jewelry was the only ring on all her fingers, and this has only added to the speculations that indeed she is already engaged.

Both parties have denied commenting on the allegations. Johnson and Martin’s camp cannot be reached at this time.

Dakota’s presence in the life of Chris Martin has been increasingly obvious in the past year. In 2019, Johnson was asked by Martin to direct a video for Coldplay’s newest single.

In an interview with Extra, Johnson expressed how she felt about being involved in the making of her boyfriend’s music video.

"I am so grateful I was given the opportunity. I was working with such incredible artists in every department. I felt extremely privileged to make that video,” She shared. Johnson also described it as a very dreamy experience.

Surprisingly, Chris Martin’s ex-wife and mother of his children, actress Gwyneth Paltrow is crazy over Dakota. The actress has expressed several times her approval of the young star as Martin’s newest partner.

She openly confessed that she adored Dakota Johnson and that she loved her presence. However, Paltrow does agree that it is quite unconventional but believes that there is no sense of being insecure. In 2018 Paltrow got married to Brad Falchuk, an American television producer and writer.

Both Paltrow and Johnson are born in Hollywood royalty and most likely have known each other for a while now.