Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and her cinematographer husband Danny Moder are now married for close to two decades. Yet, they have often been the target of strange rumors surrounding their marriage. A couple of tabloids now claimed that the couple went to Hawaii for a vacation to save their marriage.

Was the Hawaii getaway meant to reduce their differences and save their marriage? At least, that is what some outlets would like their readers to believe. It seems the couple had a wonderful getaway and rekindled their romance after the vacation.

Incidentally, the report was published a year ago after the couple was snapped in a lip-lock on one of the Hawaiin sea beaches. However, when the couple did not have any tension, why should they go on a vacation just for the sake of saving their marriage? The couple reportedly went to Hawaii not once but twice to remove their differences. 

If that was not all, a third magazine went a step ahead and wrote that the Pretty Woman star looked sad as she walked on a beach. The trip was reported as a “make or break” vacation for this couple. 

The only difference in this piece was that Roberts was not quite keen on going to Hawaii, but her husband had different ideas as he is extremely fond of surfing. She reportedly gave in as her main aim was to make sure that their house was in order. 

The hilarious part of this entire narrative is that Roberts does not mind going to Hawaii in any case. She and her husband are known to fly down to Hawaii quite often. 

The tabloid used Julia Roberts’ picture minus her husband to substantiate its story and to give the feeling that she was lonely, according to Gossip Cop. A mere solo picture does not prove that there is tension between Danny Moder and his wife. 

An unnamed informant also mentioned that the picture Roberts shared on her Instagram handle with her husband on their 18th wedding anniversary was only for show. It seems the couple is no longer close to each other, and their marriage could end anytime. However, just because she has not shared her pictures with Danny Moder lately does not mean their marriage is in jeopardy.

In other news, Roberts will be seen in an Apple series titled The Last Thing He Told Me. The actress will also be a producer of this series based on a novel penned by Laura Dave. 

Julia Roberts will be portraying the character of a woman who develops an unexpected bond with her stepdaughter. She would try to find out the truth behind the sudden disappearance of her husband, according to The Indian Express