The Midnight Sky has had a limited theatrical release and George Clooney seems to be quite thrilled about it. The actor spilled the beans by saying that his wife and three-year-old daughter hated the beard he grew for the film.

The Hollywood heartthrob was speaking on Today show when he revealed this interesting tidbit about his family. He admitted that Amal Clooney and his daughter Ella were relieved after he shaved it off once the shoot was over. 

However, the 59-year-old actor also mentioned that his little son did not share the same sentiments. Rather, he loved his famous father’s beard and often pulled it to chat with his dad. 

The actor recollects that it was sort of hilarious when Alexander used to hide stuff into his beard when he was sleeping. Incidentally, the actor transformed himself thoroughly for his role in the sci-fi movie.

While he is famous for his handsome looks throughout the world, the Batman & Robin actor did not mind undergoing a complete physical transformation before the start of the shooting. He lost around 11 kilograms and lived on just lentil soup for his diet. The actor also worked out thrice a day to achieve the look his role demanded in the movie. 

George portrays the role of a scientist in his latest flick The Midnight Sky who has to live in freezing cold with a small girl. They want to get in touch with a team of astronauts to save the planet from a global catastrophe. 

The Ocean’s Eleven actor is glad that he got such a good script and a role to be associated with. He was impressed with the character and the script the moment he finished reading it, according to Daily Mail

The actor has been a part of several blockbusters in the past. But he never dreamt of being married let alone become a father at that time. When he was filming for the Ocean’s trilogy, the only thought that ran into his mind was to be a part of entertaining films.

He also wanted to have fun while working with his A-lister friends such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Julia Roberts. 

However, now that George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney share twins, they think their kids can watch two of his films for sure. These are Fantastic Mr. Fox and Batman & Robin, according to Cinema Blend

George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky is now out in theaters. It will be also streamed on the streaming giant Netflix on Dec 23, 2020.