Ivanka Trump continues to face disparagement and controversies amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It cannot be denied that the eldest daughter of President Donald Trump has become the female face of his administration. Despite all the issues being thrown at her, the first daughter continues to work hard to make America great again.

Ivanka Trump irked netizens after congratulating President Donald Trump

Numerous Twitter users were furious after Ivanka Trump announced that Dec. 13 is “V-Day” after President Donald Trump and his team successfully administered the first vaccine in the United States. The first daughter even said, on a Twitter post, that COVID-19 would vanish very soon.

Critics were quick to react to Ivanka Trump’s tweet. One netizen said that President Donald Trump or any member of his cabinet should not take credit for the vaccine as they have “nothing to do” with it, adding that it is the current administration’s fault why the U.S. had the worst response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another user said the POTUS has been calling the pandemic and vaccine a hoax for many months, so he should not be praised for the effort.

A third netizen said the father of Ivanka Trump cannot take credit for saving lives as he has been ignoring the deadly coronavirus for a year, calling the POTUS “reckless” and “criminal.” Another user suggested that, instead of prematurely declaring victory, President Donald Trump should remind people to observe safety precautions so fewer people would get sick and die before the public would be vaccinated. The first daughter has yet to respond to these harsh comments.

Ivanka Trump supports a food charity in Florida amid senate bid rumors

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump had lent a hand to a new cause as speculations about her plans to run in the 2022 midterm elections grow. The wife of Jared Kushner, as per Daily Express, dropped by the Farmers to Families in Christ Chapel Church in Virginia. The senior advisor to the president helped the organization put food boxes into a vehicle to bring relief and help to families who need it amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move, according to reports, just added fuel to rumors that she is looking to secure a seat in the Senate two years from now. During the sighting, Ivanka Trump donned a pair of black rain boots and a thick black coat. She even assisted in delivering the food packages.

Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to share her experience with the Farmer to Families. The mom of three wrote she is “grateful” that she spent the morning passing out boxes that contain locally sourced food items. She, also, shared that the organization has severed a total of 3.2 billion meals to hungry Americans.

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