Camilla Parker Bowles wore a necklace after her engagement to Prince Charles years ago.

Now, Express believes that the jewelry holds a special meaning for the Duchess of Cornwall.

According to the publication, Camilla donned a multi-strand pearl necklace with diamond and an amethyst clasp when she stepped out in public after Prince Charles proposed to her.

The Duchess of Cornwall even showed off her engagement ring back then.

Amethyst is, reportedly, used to bring calmness and peace. And it is also used for medication.

The color is also, reportedly, associated with the royal family, which could’ve been Camilla’s way of saying that she will soon be a part of the British clan.

Meanwhile, Camilla recently stepped out in public to attend an engagement with the other senior members of the royal family.

However, body language expert Judi James said that she seemed wary after the online abuse and criticisms she received following the release of The Crown Season 4.

James said that Camilla appeared to look rigid and distracted during the outing.

Prior to the backlash that she received, Camilla usually engages and responds with a smile when she’s out in public. However, this wasn’t the case last Monday.

James also said that all the other members of the royal family seemed confident and dutiful during the outing. Their hands were also clasped in front of their torsos.

However, Camilla was distracted and she also kept turning away.

And when Queen Elizabeth spoke to Prince Charles, it was evident that Camilla stepped back a little bit. And she refused to join in the conversation.

In The CrownPrince Charles and Camilla’s affair was heavily discussed.

As such, the royal couple faced a slew of criticisms online especially from Princess Diana’s fans

However, a lot of people also came to Camilla’s defense by saying that The Crown is a work of fiction. And no one knows for sure what happened to Prince Charles, Camilla, and Princess Diana.

Another royal fan wondered when Camilla would have to pay for her mistakes because it’s been over two decades since she and Prince Charles had an affair.

“I’m disgusted by the social media trolls who believe every lie shown on The Crown and then bully people based on it,” one fan said.

According to reports, Prince Charles and Camilla’s staff was forced to turn off the comments feature on their social media accounts after they faced a backlash.