Gal Gadot was honored at MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time by GOAT: She-Ro Award, and the actress thanked all her fans for the same. The 35-year-old actress went one step ahead to thank her fans by sharing a sneak peek of her upcoming movie, Wonder Woman 1984.

While the actress noted that it had been her greatest joy to play Wonder Woman's character on-screen, she also said that it is truly special to be a part of this project. This award marked her first golden GOAT she-ro award.

Gadot said during her acceptance speech that her character means a lot to her and acknowledged the love she received from her fans. Before she launched the teaser of the movie, she shared her excitement and said that it is unbelievable to her that everyone is going to experience it after a long wait.

During the show, the sneak peeks of the DC superhero film was launched for the first time, and MTV noted that the film is going to be a major blockbuster in 2021. Along with Gadot, MTV announced other honorees earlier this week, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Selma Blair, Kirsten Bell, Drew Barrymore, and Kevin Bacon.

While many fans and followers took social media to share their love for the sneak peek, actress Priyanka Chopra also couldn't hold back to share her views on the same. The 38-year-old actress praised Gadot for the spectacular performance and congratulated her for the positive response received.

Chopra praised the on-screen character of Wonder Woman along with the woman playing it, Gadot. She further said that the teaser looks amazing, while the Israeli actress appreciated the comment and reposted it with heart emojis.

Many other celebrities including, Hoai-Train Bui, Kayti Burt, Eric Eisenberg, Brandon Jack James, and Erik Davis, praised the teaser. The teaser shared was short but exciting enough to keep the audience glued for a while.

The clip had super-powered Wonder Woman, an unbeatable experience for fans, and the way she single-handedly deals with the armed soldiers is mind-blowing.

The clip also featured Steve Trevor's character portrayed by Chris Pine, who chose to drive, but the Wonder Woman decides to reach the destination by running and destroy vehicles while disarming her opponents with her bare hands.

Last month, the studio revealed that the adventure action film is slated to release in theaters along with the online streaming platform HBO Max on Dec. 25.