Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell are on cloud nine! Yes, the couple is going to welcome a new member in their family as Bushnell is expecting their first baby. The 30-year-old television personality took Instagram to share a heartfelt video on her Instagram, revealing that she is pregnant.

The couple celebrated their one year together a couple of days back. Besides completing one-year together in wedlock, it seems the duo has a much bigger reason to celebrate. The Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? star shared a video of her ultrasound on social media while the same post was shared by the country music star.

In the background, fans and followers can hear the song the 36-year-old singer wrote for Bushnell while it was also the background music during their engagement. Bushnell couldn't hold back his excitement and captioned the video by admitting that it all feels like a dream.

Although the reality show fame further said that she except this not to be a dream. She also noted being wide awake while holding the hands of her husband, who is watching the little one in her belly dancing. Moreover, she wrote that listening to the heartbeats of the unborn baby is her favorite sound.

Towards the end of the post, Bushnell said that it is a miracle that a new life is born through her while she thanked Jesus and praised him. On the other hand, Lane made a pun on the video and asked in the comments section when she was planning to inform him about the pregnancy.

Although the singer shared the same video on his Instagram account and disclosed that he was praying for the baby, moreover, the singer wished that the baby looks like Bushnell rather than him. The couple got married in October 2019 while Bushnell first moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in the singer's house from Los Angeles in March 2019.

Although the duo exchanged rings at Bushnell’s house in Oregon after a couple of months, the marriage was held in a private ceremony, and they were surrounded by their close family and friends. Previously, Bushnell was engaged to Ben Higgins on The Bachelor season 20.

A couple of months ago, Bushnell got candid about her relationship with the singer after marriage and also shared an appreciation post on social media. She confessed that she has no clue what she has done to deserve Lane in her life.

“About to get personal, but I am very excited to start a family and get asked when we are having kids ALL the time but it just hasn’t happened yet,” she revealed.