Kate Middleton is, definitely, one of the most popular members of the British royal family. Aside from being the wife of Prince William, the mom-of-three has, also, been known for being a woman with substance. Many royal followers even admire her fashion styles and her hobbies, which include photography.

Most, if not all, are aware that Kate Middleton was not born a royal. Her parents, Carole and Michael, used to be airline workers who worked very hard to send their children to top-notch universities. Did Kate become richer after marrying Prince William?

Kate Middleton’s net worth in 2020

Reports have it that the Duchess of Cambridge has, already, an estimated wealth of $10 million. Though she was considered a commoner before tying the knot with Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton, already, gathered a significant amount of fortune from the success of their lucrative family business called Party Pieces, which is a company that sells party supplies for every occasion.

At the time, the Middletons have a shared net worth of about $50 million. Kate Middleton has, reportedly, benefitted from their family business big time. However, she, allegedly, worth more now after Queen Elizabeth gifted the Cambridge pair the Amner Hall on the Sandringham Estate. Kate, according to reports, even got plenty of jewels from Her Majesty’s collections.

If that is not enough, Kate Middleton and Prince William, also, receive allowance through the Duchy of Cornwall, which is the trust fund of Prince Charles. Aside from their annual income, the duchy, allegedly, pays for the Duchess’ clothes and other things she needs for official royal business. In other words, they spend lesser since their needs are provided most of the time.

Prince William is, obviously, worth a lot more than Kate Middleton. The Duke of Cambridge has a net worth of $40 million, ranking fifth richest member of the royal family.  Queen Elizabeth took the first spot with $530 million, followed by Prince Charles ($100 million to $400 million), Prince Edward ($45 million), and Prince Andrew ($45 million) respectively. Kate, for her part, nabbed the 10th spot and she is richer than Meghan Markle with a $5 million net worth.

Kate Middleton, Prince William started Royal Train Tour

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton and Prince William began their three-day Royal Train Tour on Sunday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a meet-and-greet with some of the most important workers at London’s Euston Station to, personally, thank for their hard work amid the COVID-19 pandemic. During the event, Kate donned a plaid Maple Leaf scarf and a green Alexander McQueen coat.

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