King Charles III’s health has significantly deteriorated following his diagnosis with a severe form of cancer. According to InTouch Weekly, the king, who ascended to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II's death in 2022, is reportedly facing a dire prognosis with only two years to live, a situation described by sources as "eating him alive."

The diagnosis of King Charles has been termed an "open secret" among palace insiders, with many believing that the situation is far worse than publicly acknowledged. This comes alongside reports that the British government and Buckingham Palace are preemptively reviewing funeral plans for the monarch, a process codenamed "Operation Menai Bridge."

In February, Buckingham Palace confirmed that the King was diagnosed with cancer after a surgery for a benign enlarged prostate. Since then, the King has been undergoing regular treatments and has reduced public appearances, though he continues to fulfill his duties from behind the scenes. "His Majesty will continue to undertake State business and official paperwork as usual," stated a palace spokesperson.

Adding to the royal family's challenges, Prince William, the heir apparent, is reportedly grappling with significant personal stress due to his wife Kate Middleton’s recent cancer diagnosis. This has distracted him from the broader family crises and intensified the strain within the family.

Despite these hardships, the King has made efforts to maintain some public presence, partly to quell the rampant speculation about his health. "Charles is keeping up with some appearances... to ensure people that he’s still able to perform his duties as king," a source told InTouch.

Amidst this personal health crisis, there's a collective effort from the royal family, with Queen Camilla, Princess Anne, and Prince William stepping in to attend engagements that the King has had to miss. The royal aides note that King Charles is profoundly concerned about his legacy and the readiness of his son William to ascend the throne.

The British government’s involvement in updating the royal funeral plans reflects a sober acknowledgment of the King’s condition. "The plans have been dusted off and are actively being kept up to date," a former staffer revealed to The Daily Beast. This level of preparation began shortly after the burial of Queen Elizabeth II, underscoring the complexities involved, from security measures to the coordination of international dignitaries.

Christopher Andersen, a bestselling author on royal affairs, expressed concerns over the lack of transparency from Buckingham Palace, which he believes fuels further "gossip and speculation... and conspiracy theories."

The palace, for its part, remains tight-lipped, opting not to provide a "running commentary" on the King’s health, a stance that has led to scrutiny and criticism, especially in light of the recent confirmations and rumors.

As the situation unfolds, the royal family continues to navigate this deeply personal ordeal under intense public and media scrutiny. The coming months are critical as the King continues his treatment, and the royal family prepares for all contingencies amidst ongoing public engagements and responsibilities.