Prince Andrew is, allegedly, having some financial problems one year after he stepped back from his royal duties.

According to Life & Style, the Duke of York hasn’t been receiving any income from Queen Elizabeth so he’s now in huge debt.

In order to make ends meet, Prince Andrew is seeking financial support from his friends. One of his pals has also offered him a secretarial job that will, allegedly, pay him $67,000 per year.

After being accused of sexually abusing underage girls, the royal family, allegedly, turned their backs on Prince Andrew.

Prince Charles has allegedly refused to help his younger brother in any way. He has also encouraged the queen and Prince William to cut ties with the dad of two.

A source told the tabloid that the rift between Prince Charles and Prince Andrew has been there since they were younger.

After all, Prince Andrew is much closer to the queen. And Prince Charles is, allegedly, jealous of their relationship.

Additionally, Prince Charles, allegedly, knows that Prince Andrew is the queen’s favorite child and not him. And this has caused tension between the siblings.

Meanwhile, the heir to the throne is so upset with Prince Andrew that he’s, allegedly, asked the queen to stop including him in the royal family’s events and engagements.

The tabloid said that it’s unlikely for Prince Andrew to join the royal family in Sandringham for the holidays. And Prince Charles couldn’t be more thrilled to know that he won’t be there.

Prince Andrew will, allegedly, celebrate Christmas with his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson. But it’s unclear if their daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are already married, will join them.

The royal family’s plans for the holidays haven’t been finalized. After all, the United Kingdom is still on lockdown due to the deadly coronavirus.

In related news, Prince Charles and Prince Andrew never addressed their rift publicly. But it has been one of the most widely talked about issues among royal experts.

Years ago, the brothers also made headlines amid reports that Prince Charles decided to ban Prince Andrew’s daughters from Buckingham Palace to celebrate the queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Back then, Prince Charles kicked off his desire to have a slimmed-down monarchy by only asking the immediate heirs and their families to attend the event.

Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace sans Prince Andrew and his daughters.