Prince Andrew has, allegedly, maintained a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and his madame, Ghislaine Maxwell.

According to Life & Style, Maxwell has been very loyal to Prince Andrew even after her arrest.

In fact, Maxwell previously denied all the claims made by Virginia Roberts, who accused the Duke of York of sexually abusing her when she was just a teenager.

Maxwell’s sworn statement revealed that she told investigators it’s unlikely for Roberts’ claims to have been true because she said that Prince Andrew abused her in the bathtub.

However, Maxwell said that the tub at Epstein’s home is too small to accommodate two people.

But a source told the tabloid that Maxwell’s hearing is nearing, and it’s possible for her to make a U-turn about Prince Andrew. After all, this may be the only way for her to get a much lower sentence.

According to reports, Maxwell could face up to 35 years in prison if she’s convicted for the crimes that she committed.

Meanwhile, National Enquirer also claimed that there are ongoing fears regarding Maxwell’s safety.

A source said that Maxwell’s legal team is convinced that she won’t make it out of prison alive. And there’s also, allegedly, a huge possibility that she will follow in Epstein’s footsteps.

Over a year ago, Epstein was found hanging in his jail cell in an apparent suicide. But tabloids are speculating that he must have been killed.

As such, Maxwell could also, allegedly, get killed in prison. Or she may also consider taking her own life because she’s not used to a life behind bars.

In related news, the judge has ordered the release of a deposition featuring the accounts of an unidentified informant referred to as Doe 1.

In her five-page order, U.S. District Attorney Loretta Preska said that information from the unnamed sources will be posted on the public docket no later than Monday, Nov. 23.

Last month, it was revealed that Prince Andrew asked Maxwell for information about a woman that accused him of sexual abuse in a deposition made in 2016.

In the deposition, Maxwell seemingly sent a message to Prince Andrew telling him that she has information on the woman accusing him of sexual abuse.

But when Giuffre’s lawyer asked for details of their conversation, Maxwell said that she and Prince Andrew briefly discussed what a liar Giuffre was.

In her statement, Giuffre claimed that Maxwell and Epstein lured her into having sex with Prince Andrew and other powerful men.