Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo couldn’t, allegedly, agree where they will spend the holidays this year.

According to National Enquirer, Holmes’ parents want her to spend the holidays with them and their relatives in Ohio.

Since the actress has been spending a lot of time with Vitolo, Holmes, allegedly, thinks that it’s only right for her to be with her family for the holidays.

The Dawson’s Creek’s star’s mom, allegedly, has some reservations about Vitolo. So, the actress feels that Christmas will be the perfect time for her family to get to know her chef boyfriend.

However, Vitolo is, allegedly, insisting on celebrating Christmas with his family instead. After all, the chef hasn’t missed not even one holiday celebration with the Vitolo clan.

A source told the tabloid that the tug-of-war between Holmes and Vitolo’s families is causing too much stress on the couple. And there are, allegedly, fears that the stress will eventually tear them apart.

The insider also said that Holmes never thought that it would be this hard to convince Vitolo to celebrate Christmas with her and her family. And she doesn’t like how he’s making him choose between him and his family.

As of late, Holmes and Vitolo haven’t publicly talked about their Christmas plans so there’s no way for a tabloid to know about it.

And what proves that the tabloid’s claims are dubious is the fact that they didn’t mention Holmes’ 14-year-old daughter.

Before Holmes could go home to Ohio to be with her family, she needs to take Suri Cruise into consideration first. And what’s guaranteed is that the mother and daughter will be together for the holidays.

Last year, the actress shared an adorable Christmas photo with her daughter via her Instagram account.

Meanwhile, several other rumors have been surrounding Holmes and Vitolo as of late.

Two weeks ago, the same tabloid accused Vitolo of riding on Holmes’ credit card.

A source told the tabloid that Holmes is the one that pays for their meals when they’re out together on dates. The actress also, allegedly, spoils her much younger boyfriend with clothes.

Star also claimed that Holmes and Vitolo’s relations is doomed from the start because they don’t have the blessing of the actress’s family and friends.

After all, they are, allegedly, worried that Holmes is rushing things with Vitolo. And the fact that he ended his engagement to be with the actress is an obvious red flag for everyone except the actress.