Queen Elizabeth has, allegedly, banned Prince Andrew from going to Buckingham Palace and attending all royal family-related engagements.

According to Life & Style, Prince Charles managed to convince the queen that Prince Andrew is giving the royal family a bad name. And Her Majesty finally listened.

A source told the tabloid that the queen and her children have abandoned Prince Andrew, and the latter feels trapped. After all, the only thing he’s allowed to do right now since he stepped back from his royal duties is to ride his horses.

The insider also claimed that one of the most obvious indications that the queen has frozen Prince Andrew happened last weekend. The Duke of York didn’t attend the Remembrance Day event in London with the royal family.

Last year, Prince Andrew still managed to attend the somber even after his controversial interview with Newsnight reporter, Emily Maitlis.

The insider claimed that being banned from the event left Prince Andrew feeling humiliated. After all, this signifies that the queen has publicly abandoned him.

While the decision must have been heartbreaking for the queen, Prince Charles, allegedly, managed to convince the monarch that it’s time for her to let Prince Andrew go.

According to reports, Prince Andrew has always been the queen’s favorite child.

In the documentary Paxman on the Queen's Children, royal historian Piers Brandon said that Prince Andrew was obviously the queen’s favorite child.

Brandon said that Prince Andrew’s achievements at such a young age drew him closer to his parents. At one point, he skipped college and went straight to naval university.

The dad of two also fought in the Falklands at the age of 22, and he, reportedly, heroic there.

According to The Telegraph, it only seems as though Prince Andrew is the queen’s favorite child because she was more present while he was growing up.

Unlike Prince Charles and Princess Anne, the queen attended Prince Andrew and Prince Edward’s school events. She also drove them to school and picked them up when her schedule permitted.

Following the Duke of York’s birth, the queen wrote a letter to her cousin, saying that her newborn son is adorable. She also said that Prince Andrew will most likely grow up spoiled.

Prince Andrew also, reportedly, helped reboot the queen’s marriage to Prince Philip. After all, his birth was such a happy time in the royal couple’s life.