Michael J. Fox recently announced that he will retire for the second time in his career in his new book. The 59-year-old actor had been dealing with a tumor scare, which has been growing for the past two years.

Besides too many professional and medical struggles in his life, Fox is thankful to his wife. The couple got married back in 1988 in Vermont at West Mountain Inn in Arlington. The couple worked together in the same year on Bright Lights, Big City.

In the latest released, No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality, Fox described his 60-year-old wife as a strong pillar in his life. He went on to explain how Pollan doesn't treat him differently ever and always stay tall with him.

Fox further said that the A Stranger Among Us actress is smart, affectionate, gorgeous, kind, and honest. Although most importantly, she is always available for him. Moreover, the Back to the Future star said that his wife portrays a wide range of roles in real life, such as a great cook, a great mother, and a great "bodyboard surf junkie beach babe."

Fox couldn't stop gushing over his wife and her sense of humor. The recently released book mentioned the scariest moment in his life when he went under the knife. The couple shares four children, son Sam Michael Fox, 31, Aquinnah Kathleen Fox, 25, Esmé Annabelle Fox, 19, and Schuyler Frances Fox, 25.

The actor appeared on a zoom call for an interview, and in the background, there were portraits of his family members, including a rescue dog named Gus. The actor said that he didn't rescue the dog; instead, it's the dog who rescued him. However, he joked that Gus is modest enough not to make that claim.

The ongoing pandemic has hit many people badly; however, it became one of the reasons for the actor to get quarantined with his family in New York's Long Island and complete his fourth book. Fox noted that the pandemic helped him to spend quality time with his kids.

“Tracy would make meals, and we'd sit around afterward for hours having conversations about the world and social justice and all kinds of things that came up in the outside world,” he recalled.

He also remembers how his entire family would sit together post-dinner and watch movies or solve puzzles. Although he gave advice to upcoming talents that they should take full advantage of the opportunities.