Megan Thee Stallion opened up about her new collection and empowering women of all sizes. The 25-year-old rapper addressed the Tory Lanez incident and shared new details. Recently, she told GQ that Lanez tried to keep her quiet by offering money, which she refused.

Stallion said that she told police that her feet got cut by glass because she wanted to protect everyone from police violence and not Lanez. She noted that people were already protesting against police brutality at that time.

In an interview with ET, the rapper disclosed her struggle to find a perfect pair of jeans for herself. She said that the fashion industry often abandons various body types and she wants to grab the opportunity to provide such clothing that will cater to a wide range of body types.

The rapper will release her upcoming clothing line, Fashion Nova, on Nov. 18 as she shared her excitement with Keltie Knight during the conversation. Stallion seemed glad she finally she can provide jeans for girls with long legs and tight-fitting material that has good stretch ability while they look similar to capris.

The rapper, who is 5'10", said that she informed Fashion Nova that she wants to deliver jeans to women above 5'8" in height. While Stallion is glad that tall women are finally getting jeans that would fit them perfectly, she also noted that these jeans are also for curvy, slim, and petite girls.

Stallion assured everyone that the new clothing collection is going to cater to all sizes, shapes, and heights, including long hands and big shoe sizes. She further said that every girl is not "cookie-cutter" in size and this line will act as a great representation for every girl.

"I just want to make sure that starting with this collab, we have better representation with just women in general. Even with short girls, the jeans are made for skinny short girls," she added. Moreover, she noted that it is not about having a figure like a model but instead a real body that comes in different sizes.

The rapper also reflected on her college degree and said that the online classes and schooling is really difficult. However, she admitted taking her classes online even before the lockdown took place. However, she said that studying from home seemed to have worked in her favor. The Savage star is slated to graduate next year.