Meghan Markle was criticized two years ago after she announced that she was pregnant with Archie just a day after Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Back then, royal author Katie Nicholl told Vanity Fair that Markle somehow overshadowed Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding with her pregnancy news.

But Nicholl also said that it must have just been a coincidence since Markle and Prince Harry first shared their happy news with the royal family at the wedding itself.

Still, the royal author said that this must have been upsetting for Princess Eugenie.

But royal author Tom Quinn told Express this week that he doesn’t think it was a coincidence that Markle announced her pregnancy just one day after Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding. He said that Markle must have done this deliberately.

Quinn said that even though Princess Eugenie and Markle get along well with each other, they’re not close. As such, it’s unlikely for Markle to have any regard for what Princess Eugenie would feel.

Markle has been accused of overshadowing Kate Middleton’s birthday as well. Earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were quitting The Firm around the time of Middleton’s birthday.

According to Mirror, Middleton’s birthday celebration with her family still pushed through. But it is highly likely that Markle and Prince Harry’s Megxit was one of their topics during their meal.

The publication’s editor, Russell Myer said that Middleton wouldn’t have wanted to celebrate her birthday outside her home due to the whole furor over the Sussexes’ decision to quit.

Meanwhile, Markle also made headlines this week amid reports that she requested to delay her court hearing against Mail on Sunday.

According to People, Markle’s legal team will head to London this week to talk to the judge in charge of the case. They are requesting the cancelation of a full trial and to just rely on a summary judgment.

With the summary judgment, the judge will make a decision on the case based only on the written accounts of the witnesses and not from their sworn testimonies in court.

According to the publication, Markle is requesting for the full trial to be removed to protect the confidentiality of some of her information on the case.

Not having a full trial will also prevent Markle from coming face to face with her dad, Thomas Markle Sr. The former lighting director cannot be called to testify in court, and Markle’s friends won’t also have to make court appearances.