The Academy Award-winning actress, Nicole Kidman in no freshman to interviews. The fluent, confident lady has appeared in tons of interviews since the early years of her career, but her toughest interview challenge hadn’t come true until this Thursday. This Thursday saw Kidman sit face to face with her co-star Hugh Grant.

The star appeared to be quizzed over her upcoming show, "The Undoing" – but before she could get to the important bit, Grant burned questions related to her personal life. Grant began with tough questions about her relationship with her husband Keith Urban.

As a matter of fact, the pair was being interviewed for Marie Claire, but as the interviewer tried to get the details of her upcoming project, the 60-year-old hopped in and asked Nicole to dish the dirt on her personal life.

He openly asked if Nicole would like to tell “intimate and personal” things from her life. To which, Nicole acted in a very calm manner, not letting it get out of control.  As Grant inquired further about Nicole’s marriage, the actress laughed and asked Grant to stop plowing about her personal life.

Nicole took to Instagram to share the behind the scene footage of her interaction with Grant. The actress captioned it, “By far the toughest interviewer, I've ever had.”

For fans who must have insects of suspicion crawling in their brains as to why Kidman didn’t clearly tell Hugh about her lovely relationship with Urban in the first place, it’s something worth noting that although she was avoiding it initially later she fired back at the actor telling him that her marriage with Urban was going great.

In addition to discussing bits of Nicole’s personal life, the pair also talked about their early dates as actors. One of the funny and great moments in their discussion was when the Hollywood stars recounted their meeting at the Ivy Restaurant. The pair was in their twenties – while Hugh had his then-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley, Kidman joined him with her sister Antonia.

To Hugh, it was a pretty wild and unusual kind of meeting as he didn’t get a word Nicole said. As per the actor, Nicole was using some encrypted language to talk with her sibling which he couldn't understand – but still considers it to be very 'intriguing' even to this date.

Though the bulk of the interaction was exciting, it surely wasn’t so comfortable for Kidman – and she clearly felt it.