It is a known fact that Kate Middleton’s first pregnancy was not the safest out of all three pregnancies she had. The reason for this is that the Duchess underwent a serious complication that could have seen her lose royal baby Prince George.

The news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy was a relief to Prince Charles. During an interview with the heir apparent, Express UK reported that the Prince breath a sigh of relief upon learning Kate was pregnant.

Charles was said to be excited that he was going to be a grandfather.

The truth about Prince Charles’s ecstatic behavior upon the royal baby news was that it was unknown to the royal family up until Kate Middleton suffered from the complication Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Reports that Kate and Prince William kept the pregnancy a secret from the royal household was proven true. The royal firm was only informed of the future Queen Consort’s pregnancy a mere 10 minutes before William and Kate’s team decided to announce it to the public.

Kate Middleton was not even finished on her first trimester when the life-threatening complication arose. William and Kate allegedly were spending the weekend with the Middleton’s in Bucklebury when disaster hit.

William reportedly drove 50 miles to get Kate to London’s King Edward VII Hospital. The Duchess was admitted for four days in which the spokesperson of Kensington Royal announced the royal baby news.

In light of this situation, which the Duchess experienced, she visited one of her patronages earlier this week to kick-off ‘Baby Loss Awareness Week.’

During the engagements, People reports that the Duchess of Cambridge was able to interact with parents who were undergoing bereavement therapy for losing a child.

The royal mom of three heard the bereaved parents' inspiring stories and shared her experience of undergoing a complicated pregnancy with her first child.

This is the first time that Kate Middleton has visited the facility catering to parents who have lost their children.

The Duchess partnered up with Tommy’s, a non-profit group that supports not only parents but also helps fund research regarding pregnancy loss and miscarriage.

Kate Middleton was said to be most impressed by the parent’s courage during her visit. Tommy’s chief executive, Jane Brewin, revealed that Kate commented on how the parents are working to make sure that their child did not die in vain and are making sure to create a legacy for them.