Britain’s Got Talent star, Amanda Holden has landed her next big project in the form of BBC One's upcoming reality show, "I Can See Your Voice." Amanda Holden has judged ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent for 13 long years – much more than others in the panel.

Her upcoming show will be in competition with ITV’s "The Masked Singer." "I Can See Your Voice" will see teams of two members competing to guess if the singing voices in the background can or can’t sing.

For the program which is an adaptation of South Korean format. Amanda will join the panel of experts consisting of dark humor expert Jim Carr and Alison Hammond from This Morning.

The panel will have a new addition every week as a pop star will join the panel of celebrity experts. In addition to judges, the show will be graced by the presence of Top Gear’s Paddy McGuinness as a host.

As simple as it may sound, there will be twists and turns to juice up the reality show. The chosen ones take part in the round of lip sync challenges while also proving the celebrity experts with entertaining and not-so-easy-to-get hidden clues. The celebrities in turn will try to help the players to come down to only one singer who they think was the voice singing.

The singer who the group got after a lot of whittling down will have to sing in a duet with the stars to see if they really can or can’t sing. If they pin-pointers are right, they would be entitled to the mega prize and in case they are wrong, the imposter singer would take home the same.  

Amanda shed light on her upcoming role, "I've seen first-hand over my many years as a judge, how acts can shock you with an incredible voice. With my experience on stage, television, and radio I think I have one of the best pair of eyes in the business for spotting talent." Amanda further said that the contestants will have to up their game to be able to beat her. 

As per Amanda, she is a good judge and she is good at spotting who can sing or not, so contestants can count on her to win the prize. Amanda’s confident words spark an early interest in fans who would not want to miss "Can You See Your Voice" as it is on air.