Kris Jenner is urging her daughters Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner to try and talk about the huge fight they had on the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians in a bid to bury the hatchet. The famous sisters got into a fight during the family trip to Palm Springs.

On the Oct. 15 episode of the hit reality TV series, momager Kris Jenner gives Kylie a solid piece of advice about how she and Kendall can fix things up. This isn't the first time Kris has had to speak to them about patching things up, so she is likely to know what she is talking about. "I haven’t talked to her," Kylie admitted, adding that she would have never agreed to take Kendall home.

Kylie goes on to say that she would have loved to have a car, and then she could have done anything for her sister. Kris also attributed her behavior to her being under the influence of alcohol. She explained that you don't mean to say things are more likely to come out when everyone has had a little too much to drink.

Kylie, on the other, wasn't too concerned about the fight. The Kylie Cosmetics founder told her mother that she loves her sister and is confident that they will figure it out just like they always have. Kris agreed and said when they are both willing to "hash it out," they will be in a better position to communicate and patch things up.

Kris says that she gives all her daughters the same advice, adding that she thinks that the best thing to do is to talk and communicate when they are both ready to sit together and sort things out. In a confessional on Oct. 8’s episode of  KUWTK, before the family's trip to Palm Springs. Kris said that part of her job was to ensure that her daughters were getting along right now.

According to Kris, when there are a problem and tensions amongst people, they need to get together and have some quality family time. But much to her chagrin, the bonding session didn't go exactly how she planned as Kendall was upset that she didn't get to wear the outfit that she was planning to borrow from Kourtney because Kylie stole it for herself.

Kylie calls Kendall a hater and accuses her of trying to ruin her night. Kendall claps back, blaming her for ruining her night. Things got physical when Kylie refused to drive Kendall home, and even worse when Kris’ boyfriend Corey said they should call a call for the supermodel.