Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt might just have his Christmas wish come true. The actor is hoping to have Angelina Jolie and his children overnight for the upcoming vacations. 

Angie and Pitt are yet to sort out their custody lawsuit. However, a new report claims that the exes are all set to be face-to-face with a judge in November to arrange for a temporary vacation plan (Via Us Weekly). The 56-year-old actor is hopeful of enjoying the company of his children overnight for this Christmas. 

The couple’s custody trial was slated to commence on Oct. 6, 2020, but has now been postponed. However, it seems there can still be a hearing in between. The judge could give orders after the hearing, which can be changed later because the trial will have the final say. 

Some lawyers insist that if Pitt gets the privilege of having his children with him overnight during the holidays, there will be nothing unusual in it. Raoul Felder, a lawyer, states that it is not uncommon for the dad to get overnight visits, as well as share the vacation time equally. 

So, if the 45-year-old is attempting to stop her estranged husband from having his kids for a short duration at Christmas, the court could find such an objection unrealistic and obstinate. 

Felder further said that he would suggest not object to Pitt’s request if he had been in Angie's lawyer's place. The actor should be given more time to spend with his kids, according to him. 

While not many details are available about their contentious courtroom battle, recent court documents reveal several witnesses on both sides. However, their children do not have to take any particular stand in this case. 

However, it is interesting to note that Brad Pitt’s long witness list includes the name of an actress called Jillian Armenante who was a co-star of Angelina Jolie in a couple of her popular movies. 

The first film is called Girl Interrupted, which was released in 1999, while the second film where they worked together was A Mighty Heart that came to the theaters in 2007. 

However, it is not known why the Fight Club actor has included Armenante’s name in his list of witnesses. The actor’s witnesses also include a therapist, psychologists, and security consultants.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s custody trial was supposed to begin a fortnight earlier in Los Angeles. However, a source exclusively told Hollywood Life that it got postponed after the actress filed a request to replace their existing judge.