Prince Charles is reportedly so obsessed with one animal that he has gone as far as giving them names.

During his recent talk to commemorate the Climate Week 2020, Prince Charles revealed that he has a soft spot for animals. As such, he has earned the reputation of being an all-time chicken lover.

But Prince Charles is most obsessed with red squirrels. And according to Prince William, his dad is so infatuated with the small creatures that he has given them names.

While speaking with Country Life, the Duke of Cambridge revealed that there are several squirrels that live around Prince Charles’ estate in Scotland. And he adores them so much that he lets him inside his house.

Prince Charles confirmed Prince William’s shock revelation by saying that the squirrels even chase each other around the house. And whenever he’s sitting quietly inside Balmoral estate, the red squirrels will suddenly run around him.

And whenever he forgets to remove the nuts in the pockets of his coat, Prince Charles said that he sees the squirrels’ tails sticking out because they’re devouring the snack.

Prince Charles is so enamored by the red squirrels that he described them as incredibly special creatures.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles also made headlines this week after it was revealed that Princess Diana wasn’t his first choice as bride.

In the book Battle of Brothers, royal author Robert Lacey revealed that the first woman that Prince Charles proposed to was Amanda Knatchbull. Prince Charles also proposed to Camilla Parker Bowles, but she rejected his attempts to get engaged with her.

Lacey said that by the time Prince Charles proposed to the Princess of Wales, Camilla and Knatchbull already ducked out of the duties of being the heir to the throne’s wife. But if they didn’t reject the proposal, Prince Charles and Princess Diana wouldn’t have ended up together.

Prince Charles’ grandfather, Lord Mountbatten even gave Prince Charles marriage advice. He told him to choose someone who is suitable, attractive, and sweet-charactered.

But in reality, Lord Mountbatten was trying to push her granddaughter, Knatchbull to be with Prince Charles. Unfortunately, her attempts didn’t work.

Since Princess Diana wasn’t Prince Charles’ first choice for his bride, it didn’t take very long for their marriage to end. Prince Charles and Princess Diana separated in 1992, and they divorced in 1996.