Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s living room in Santa Barbara, reportedly, costs $20 million.

The living room alone is adorned with expensive accents such as candles, plants, books, and more.

According to Woman’s Day, Markle’s living room has green hydrangeas, which she placed inside a white vase. She also has several candles in her living room that costs around $85 each.

The candles are described as full of the heady and intoxicating fragrance from the sought-after Mexican white flower.

Markle and Prince Harry’s living room also features mismatched cushions on their couch. Some of the books in their living room are Women: The National Geographic Image Collection, and The Black Godfather.

Royal fans caught a glimpse of Prince Harry and Markle’s stunning living room when the latter made an appearance in the finale for America’s Got Talent. Markle sat comfortably on her couch while showing her support for Archie Williams.

Meanwhile, Markle also made headlines this week amid claims that she never really had a feud with Kate Middleton. Rather, the problem was always between her and Prince William.

In Robert Lacey’s book, Battle of Brothers, he said that a lot of what Markle brought to the table was frowned upon by her brother-in-law. For instance, the royal family saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as impulsive and erratic.

But the more unique Markle seemed to be, the more that Prince Harry became drawn to her. In fact, the Duke of Sussex, reportedly, saw some similarities between his wife and his late mother, Princess Diana.

According to Lacey, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship was already strained as early as 2017. But it became irreparable after Prince William grew frustrated with the Sussexes’ prima donna maneuvers when they decided to conceal details about Archie’s birth and baptism.

And when criticisms started to circle around Prince Harry and Markle, there were claims that palace courtiers close to Prince William were the ones that leaked them.

“The harsh reality was that the gospel according to Meghan — as evidenced in the special issue of Vogue she had edited — was simply not royal, nor was it in harmony with the mainstream, ‘un-woke’ British opinion. William and all the senior members of the royal family — not least Prince Charles and the queen — had come to feel the same,” Lacey wrote.