Tom Cruise has become one of the biggest Hollywood stars in recent times, the name Cruise is synonymous with awesome, and the actor has become a household name in America.

But the life of Cruise has always been one shrouded in mystery. Despite leading a very public career as an actor, producer and movie director, his private life has always been well, very private.

He was not linked to any actress that easily in his best years in acting. He was previously married to the beautiful Academy Award-winning actress, Nicole Kidman, who shares two adoptive kids, Isabella, 27, and Connor, 25.

But their marriage ended up in divorce and Nicole Kidman has been unable to see her kids since their marriage’s breakdown.

Soon Tom Cruise was linked to actress Katie Holmes. The pair were discovered to be dating in 2005, and soon after, they welcomed a daughter named Suri in 2016.

Suri is the only biological child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The couple did stay together for six years, but eventually, Holmes filed for divorce from Cruise.

There were massive speculations that Holmes's reasons for divorcing the actor were due to his plans of shipping Suri out to train at an elite training division for the Church of Scientology.

Tom Cruise has oddly been criticized for his belief and his partaking of the Church of Scientology, which several people have explained to be a cult and not a church at all.

The two did not have a bitter divorce, and Suri's custody battle was amicably settled in less than a week.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise settled on the fact that they were to share Suri equally. But Katie Holmes moved to New York, where she is often photographed and seen with Suri.

On the other hand, Tom Cruise has not been seen with his daughter for years now.

Rumors have been circulating that the Church of Scientology does not allow Tom Cruise to see his daughter and vice versa as Suri is not a Church member.

The Church of Scientology has vehemently denied this.

In a past interview, Tom Cruise admitted that Holmes did file for divorce in fear that he would have a major influence on their daughter, which will eventually join the church of Scientology.

It is alleged that Cruise is a high ranking member of the Church, and his two adopted kids are also part of the church and have not been seen in a long time in public.