Kate and her husband Prince William have urged people to take care of their mental wellbeing, highlighting its importance amid the coronavirus pandemic. During an interview with BBC, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opened up on the highs and lows they have been experiencing recently.

Clocking in at 30 minutes, the interview highlighted how the couple has kept them active and healthy and their concern for their extended families. Kate and Will have adopted the latest technology that enables them to stay in touch with their families - video calling.

Kate and William's three children George, Charlotte, and Louis have been bringing smiles on the faces of their callers despite the lockdown, the couple said. Kate points out that Prince Charles, her parents and the rest of the family members have enjoyed staying in touch with the kids as they realize it is hard.

Prince Louis, who will be turning two, next week, is reportedly more active during these video calls. Williams says, every time George sees the red button, he wants to press it. The elder members of the royal family had a hard time adapting to this technology to communicate at first, Prince William gleefully noted.

William said the younger generation is more tech-savvy, but they are catching up with them. The family is more used to communicating and pressing the right buttons, but more importantly, they do not drop the computer during the call anymore, he added.

Talking about their apprehensions about the lockdown, the couple urged people suffering from mental health issues to seek the support they need. Given that there is a possibility that the lockdown could be extended, the Duke of Cambridge said it will be more imperative for people to look after their mental health and seek the support they might need without hesitating.

William said people who are currently suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety and stress must not consider their concerns ineligible of support because the NHS is currently combating a pandemic. He added that people, who need help, support and those who have never had to think about their mental well-being start doing so as we are in an unconventional situation at the moment.

Aside from that, Kate said people should not ignore their mental well-being and make sure they reach out to their friends and family members even if its over the phone or a video call and have those conversations. Kate and Will recently lent their voice to the Public Health England's Every Mind Matters campaign.