Jan Moir pointed out differences between Princess Anne and the new generation of royals such as Meghan and Harry in a recently published column for the Daily Mail. Her comments come after Vanity Fair published an exclusive interview with the Queen's daughter that showed her skeptical attitude towards how the modern generation of the monarchy present themselves.

Princess Anne noted that the new generation of royals including Meghan and Harry fail to understand her philanthropic legacy, telling Vanity Fair that she doesn't think the younger generation realizes what she was doing in the past. She said you do not necessarily have to look at the earlier generation and think about what they did or where they went. This generation is more focused on doing things in a new way, she remarked.

Claiming that she is already at the stage, she advised the new generation to not reinvent that particular wheel. Furthermore, the previous generation has already been there and done that, realizing that some of these things do not work, meaning, the new generation of royals need to go back to basics.

Replying to Princess Anne's statement, Ms. Moir suggested that there's a lot the princess could teach Meghan and Harry. Recycling and thrifting and saving the planet are some of the things she could teach the Sussexes.

Aside from that, the royal expert pointed out that Princess Anne doesn't mind re-wearing outfits since she focuses more on her work. Keeping in line with that, Ms. Moir noted that Anne hasn't purchased a new skirt since 1977 and is often spotted donning something that looks like it's been made from a pair of old curtains from the shed, and there are chances that it has.

Moreover, Anne has a reputation for not cashing in on her status, trying to put herself into the limelight, or extend her welcome. She has never tried to attract public attention or tried to be someone she is not. A recently surfaced report revealed that Meghan and Harry have volunteered to help a charity project in LA to deliver food.

Prince Anne has also done a lot of charity work, but without pushing herself into the limelight. Ms. Moir also noted that she chooses her friends wisely, prefers to keep her business private, but most importantly, she prefers to help rather than be seen to be helping.

The expression on Kate Middleton’s face at Westminster Abbey in March was a clear sign of disapproval toward the former Sussex couple, according to the columnist. Princess Anne's latest interview also hinted at some discontent between the firm and the Sussexes.