Are things getting serious between Award-winning actor Brad Pitt and actress Alia Shawkat? She celebrated her 31st birthday just this Saturday and it looks like she spent that time with Brad Pitt. 

Just Jared reported the 'Arrested Development' actress was spotted leaving Brad's gated community while riding a bike. The photos show Alia wearing white pants, a navy top, and some sunglasses. The two have been spotted spending a lot of time together these past months. The 31-year-old has been spotted eating an In-N-Out with Brad after attending a concert last month. And last year they attended Kanye's Sunday Service and even went to an art gallery together. But despite sitting beside each other during the concert, the two did not show signs that they were on a romantic date. 

Hollywood Life reported there is nothing but friendship between the two. It seems that the two have bonded through art. Alia is nos just an actress but a respected artist as well. She has participated in several galleries not just in LA, but even in Mexico and Paris. The site also says that Brad has been getting into art when he got divorced from Angelina Jolie. He became a fan of Alia's work and have continued to share a bond up to this day. So maybe Alia being spotted in Brad's gated community is just the two hanging out together as friends. 

Aside from Alia, many people are again linking Brad with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. This is because of the sweet moment that two shared during the Screen Actors' Guild Awards earlier this year. There was even a video showing how touched Brad was while watching Jen get her award for The Morning Show. Many of the couple's fans are now clamoring and hoping that they two can get back together now that they are both single. 

The two have become good friends now, with Brad even being there for Jen's birthday bash and holiday party. But it seems that the two just want to stay friends. They both have already moved on from each other and are just enjoying being good friends. 

The road to their renewed friendship seemed to have started when Brad apologized for his role in their split, which touched Jen and allowed for the friendship to be renewed. 

Both have also found success in their professional lives. Jen got her award for The Morning Show and Brad recently bagged his first-ever Academy Award for his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.