Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are, reportedly, happy to pay their own way.

And contrary to rumors, they are not furious at Prince Charles after the heir to the throne decided to stop giving the Sussexes any financial support.

According to Closer USA, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are financially independent of the royal family. And this has made them much happier and freer.

Now, they only have to worry about paying their $9 million loan, which they filed in order to purchase the $14 million property in Santa Barbara.

A source told the publication that Prince Harry and Markle has vowed to stay financially independent of the royal family no matter what. And this seems highly achievable because of all their upcoming projects and partnerships.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just signed a multiyear deal with Netflix. And reports revealed that they will be receiving nothing less than $150,000 per project.

After their partnership with Netflix was announced, Prince Harry and Markle released a statement saying that they will be releasing inspirational shows via the streaming platform.

As of late, there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding their first project on Netflix. But the execs at Netflix confirmed that their first project will be slated for release next year.

According to reports, Prince Harry has also been taking up courses on how to produce creative content. As for Markle, she, reportedly, has a background in the field because she used to be an actress.

Meanwhile, there are also claims suggesting that one of Prince Harry and Markle’s first projects in Netflix would be a documentary on Princess Diana. However, it seems that the royal family is on the fence about the topic.

Prince William, in particular, is, allegedly, worried that Prince Harry would exploit their late mother’s memory. As such, he’s been trying to stop his younger brother from releasing a documentary on Princess Diana.

Last week, Woman’s Day claimed that Markle is also planning on releasing her own documentary on the Princess of Wales because she’s, allegedly, obsessed with the late royal. Since Markle and Princess Diana never had the opportunity to meet, Markle, allegedly, wants to have some sort of connection with her mother-in-law.

“When it was brought to William’s attention, it was very much an ‘over my dead body’ kind of response. After days’ worth of discussions with the queen’s advisers, they are tossing up between offering Meghan a payout more lucrative than the Netflix deal to see if they can’t tempt her away from it. If not, the back up is going down the legal route,” the source said.