Camilla Parker Bowles reportedly played a huge role in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell exit earlier this year.

According to Radar Online, Prince Charles hoped for his wife to be a calming influence for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but this isn’t the case.

A source told the tabloid that the Duchess of Cornwall schemed and stirred drama behind Prince Harry and Markle’s backs.

“Camilla secretly revels in all this drama. And she’s brilliant at playing all sides, like a conniving politician,” the source said.

New Idea added fuel to the fire by suggesting that Camilla showed signs that she’s scheming behind the royal couple’s backs during a previous royal engagement.

Camilla gave a surprising response when asked if she would miss Prince Harry and Markle shortly after they announced their Megxit. At that time, the royal couple also confirmed that they will be splitting their time between North America and London.

Prince Charles’ wife refused to give a detailed response to the question. She simply said “of course” before hurrying on.

However, the claims made by both tabloids are seemingly fabricated. As of late, the palace has never said anything about Camilla scheming and stirring drama about Prince Harry and Markle.

The Duchess of Cornwall also has a wonderful relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Years ago, Prince Harry came to Camilla’s defense amid rumors that she’s a wicked stepmother.

Prince Harry told BBC at that time that Camilla is a wonderful woman and she has also made Prince Charles very happy.

The Duke of Sussex also said that he and his brother love their stepmother to bits. Prince Harry also said that Camilla has always been close to him and his older brother, Prince William.

Two years ago, royal author Angela Levin penned an article for Daily Mail where she detailed Camilla and Markle’s relationship.

Levin revealed how the Duchess of Cornwall went out of her way to make Markle feel welcome as the newest member of the royal family. Camilla regularly spent time with Markle especially after she tied the knot with Prince Harry.

The royal author also dubbed Camilla as the ideal mother-in-law for the Duchess of Sussex.

Markle and Camilla also share a special connection because they both became members of the royal family because of their respective husbands. The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall tied the knot in 2005.