K-pop band BTS discussed which group members they would like to introduce their sisters to at an interview six years ago. V explained why he chose Jimin amongst all the other group members. 

Members of the BTS K-pop band once disclosed which band members they would like to introduce their younger sisters to in a 2014 interview. The band was promoting their debut studio album then called Dark & Wild.

The members of BTS were asked which band member they would choose to introduce their sisters to given a choice during the interview. All the members answered at the same time and pointed at one another. 

They chose different answers while Jungkook jested he would pick himself. The majority of the band members opted for Jimin while none of them chose Suga and Jin.

RM (Rap Monster) said he thinks it was Jimin as he had the maximum number of votes amongst all the band members. At that moment, Suga looked everywhere and stated that no one voted for him. 

V, another member of BTS, has a sister too and he also chose Jimin. He also said he opted for Jimin because of his kindness and innocence, according to Koreaboo.

He explained Jimin has a lot of innocence and is extremely kind-hearted. He divulged he also has a sister and thinks Jimin is good. However, he did add that Jimin tends to be too good at times, which he thinks is a flaw at times.

However, when Jin asked V if he would actually like to introduce his sister to Jimin, the latter immediately said “No.” The footage concluded with all the members laughing loudly at his frank response while Jimin said “Thank you” very cutely in Japanese. 

Meanwhile, Kim Taehyung (V) has an estimated net worth of $12 million. His wealth has got a lot to do with being a part of the immensely popular South Korean group called Bangtan Boys or BTS.

The boy band has seven members in total and he is a vocalist and songwriter for the group. It is regarded as not only one of South Korea’s biggest acts but is equally popular globally. 

The band has been consistently creating history with its huge sales, packed concert tours, and massive contributions to the economy of South Korea. The BTS had an income of at least a whopping $50 million last year alone. This also means that every member got around $7million in 2019 including V. Celebrity Net Worth reports.