Prince William is, allegedly, furious at Prince Charles for helping Prince Harry and Meghan Markle financially again.

According to National Enquirer, Prince Charles helped foot the bill for Prince Harry and Markle’s new home in Santa Barbara. And even though a source told Us Weekly that the Sussexes didn’t ask for Prince Charles’ help, the tabloid claimed that this isn’t entirely true.

“Prince William is furious at Charles for bailing Harry and Meghan out – again. For some reason, the couple can do no wrong in Charles’ eyes. He’s backed their shocking decision to quit royal duties and promised to do everything to help them,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Prince William confronted Prince Charles over the latter’s decision to help the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out once again. But to his surprise, the heir to the throne, allegedly, told his eldest son that it’s not his business.

Following the alleged confrontation, Prince Charles and Prince William stopped talking to each other.

The source also said that Prince Harry and Markle couldn’t be happier with their recent purchase. And they wouldn’t have been able to buy a home without Prince Charles’ help.

“Although Harry inherited a fortune from his mother, Princess Diana, they face an uncertain financial future since they have no jobs and gave up millions when they quit the family business. They already have to pay $24,000 a month to lease their British base, Frogmore Cottage, and reimburse taxpayers for the $3 million renovation of the home,” the source said.

But the insider insisted that Prince Charles doesn’t want to stop supporting Prince Harry and Markle financially. In fact, he’s, allegedly, happy that they reached out to him for help.

“He’s happy to be the Bank of Dad and bail them out whenever – even if it causes another family feud,” the source said.

However, the Duke of Cambridge, allegedly, feels that Prince Harry and Markle are being rewarded for quitting The Firm.

Other than this, the future king is also furious at the Sussexes’ bombshell book, Finding Freedom.

“He’s also seething over a bombshell new biography about the couple, Finding Freedom, that lays bare the brothers’ bitter infighting and has page after page of vicious swipes at the Windsor clan. He’s convinced this is score-settling by Harry and Meghan despite their denials, believes they cooperated with the authors in some way,” the source said.