Prince Harry may have never had any problems with money. After all, he grew up in an affluent family, where all his needs were provided for.

But after he quit The Firm, there have been claims that he and Meghan Markle have been struggling financially.

While there is no confirmation that the Sussexes are having problems with money, Woman’s Day insisted that this is the case.

The tabloid claimed that Tyler Perry is slowly starting to get upset with Prince Harry and Markle. He initially offered his $18 million Beverly Hills mansion to the couple, but it seems that the Sussexes are getting very close to outstaying their welcome.

“He’s sick of fielding calls from the neighbors complaining about how the area has become a hotbed of news crews. Unfortunately, money has become a problem for Harry and Meghan. They could afford something quite nice, but Meghan wants the best of the best. And their bank balance suggests her tastes are exceeding their budget,” the source said.

Other than their daily expenses, Markle is forced to shell out $120,000 after losing the first round in a High Court case against Mail on Sunday.

The couple is also expected to pay back the money that was used to refurbish their home in the United Kingdom.

As such, the source said that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are getting dangerously low in cash.

Markle, in particular, allegedly, thought that she will countless offers to star in new projects when she relocates to Los Angeles. However, this hasn’t been the case because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple’s fall back plan was, allegedly, to put Prince Harry on the public speaking circuit. However, this hasn’t materialized either.

“They’ll want to right their reputation soon or they could find themselves kicked out of Tyler’s home with barely a penny to their name,” the source said.

Meanwhile, OK! magazine claimed that Prince Harry and Markle are planning to buy a farm.

An unnamed source told the tabloid that it is Markle’s dream to own horses. And since Prince Harry is a fantastic equestrian, it just seems like a good idea for them to own a farm.

The insider said that the Sussexes are looking at the Montecito area. And they are insistent about owning a farm because they, allegedly, want to get back to nature and be as self-sufficient as possible.