A lot of negative things have been said about Prince Harry. However, it is only now that a tabloid is saying that he’s not intelligent.

According to Globe, Meghan Markle outshines and outwits her husband because Prince Harry is much less intelligent than the Suits alum.

In her book, Lady Colin Campbell praised the couple for having a strong relationship. However, the royal author also sends that the Duke of Sussex tends to follow his wife’s orders and every move.

Campbell suggested that in their relationship, Markle is the one that makes decisions. After all, she also has a stronger personality than her husband.

“He’s so desperate to please her and go along with whatever she says, no matter how ill-conceived it is. He is that besotted with her. She wears the trousers and is a dominating, charming, and captivating just like Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana,” the source said.

Prince Harry and Markle are embroiled with a slew of criticisms following the release of some excerpts from Finding Freedom.

In the memoir, the Sussexes seemingly attack Prince William and Middleton. The royal couple accuses the Cambridges of being snobs.

Sources close to Prince Harry and Markle claimed that they tried to make amends with the Cambridges but to no avail.

On the contrary, the people supporting Prince William and Middleton said that this isn’t what happened. Middleton is the one that, allegedly, reached out to Markle by giving her a bouquet of flowers, however, the former actress, allegedly, told her sister-in-law that this isn’t how she can fix their issues.

Markle couldn’t, allegedly, get over how Middleton snubbed her on one occasion. The future queen consort, allegedly, knew that Markle was going to the same store as she, but she didn’t offer her a ride.

Despite all the criticisms, a source told Globe, that Prince Harry and Markle won't have any care in the world. In fact, they are still convinced that they are superstars and the brightest lights of the royal family.

“She didn’t want to take a back seat to Kate or anyone else, including Her Majesty. In the end, Harry and his wife broke Queen Elizabeth’s heart, upstaged Prince Charles, and stabbed William and Kate in the back. Now, William and Kate have had it with their whining and complaining,” the source said.