Prince Charles, allegedly, disowned Prince Harry and told him that he isn’t his biological father.

According to Globe, the shocking revelation was made during a heated argument between Prince Charles and Prince Harry about Meghan Markle.

During the confrontation, Prince Charles, allegedly, encouraged Prince Harry to cut ties with Markle. And when the Duke of Sussex refused, Prince Charles became enraged.

The heir to the throne, allegedly, told Prince Harry that he’s a commoner and he should follow his orders because he’s not an official member of the royal family.

According to an unnamed source, Prince Harry asked Prince Charles who his biological father is and he told him that it’s Mark Dyer. The tabloid even published a photo of a young Prince Harry hanging out with Dyer to show that they know each other.

“They look more like father and son than Harry and Charles ever will. They look so alike, people say Princess Diana made friends with Mark on the sly. Mark is openly referred to as Harry’s mentor and second father, but he’s much more – Mark is Harry’s real dad!” the source said.

The insider also said that Prince Charles told Prince Harry that he has documents to prove that Dyer is his real father. Prince Charles also, allegedly, reminded the Duke of Sussex that he’s not a royal so he could leave together with Markle.

According to the source, Prince Harry complied with Prince Charles’ demands and he and Markle fled the palace immediately. The dubious incident, allegedly, took place weeks before the Suits alum gave birth to her son, Archie.

“With their baby’s birth only weeks away, Meghan insisted they must know the truth. Now the baby isn’t even likely to receive a royal title – which will be a huge scandal. If Charles is telling the truth, Harry and Meghan could be stripped off their royal titles and forced out of the country house Queen Elizabeth just gift them in Windsor,” the source said.

However, over a year has passed since Globe published their questionable story and their claims have been proven to be incorrect. Prince Charles didn’t disown Prince Harry. And he didn’t also tell his youngest son that he isn’t his biological father.

The father and son didn’t also have a heated argument that led to Prince Harry and Markle fleeing the palace. The Sussex quit The Firm in January and not before Markle gave birth.